Who am I?

I am a research mathematician in the field of probability and stochastic processes. This means looking for certain kinds of order in random phenomena and then understanding where this order comes from.

In reality, I think of myself as a mathematical physicist.

I also like teaching.

I graduated from the Technion (B.Sc. in physics and B.Sc. in mathematics) in 2007, then M.Sc. in mathematics in 2009, and Ph.D. in 2016 under the supervision of Eddy Mayer-Wolf.

During this time I started a family and did a lot of teaching. In 2015, I received the Muriel and David Jacknow Award for Excellence in Teaching, which was a great honor.

When my children got a bit older and started having their own little lives throughout the day, I put my focus back into research. It is more time consuming than teaching, but in a good way. I also teach a little, since that is fun as well.